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The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology was founded to provide national and international companies with long-term support in their research efforts as a competent and far-forward-looking partner. The aim of AIT is to help customers prepare for the key chal- lenges industry will have to face in the coming years. The digitization in industry, economy and society un- doubtedly plays a particularly important role here. We are in the midst of the next industrial revolution in the digital age.

This means a radical change in production, sales and innovation chains, a departure from previous patterns of thought and action and ultimately the next stage of development in industry and the econo- my as a whole. This „next generation production“ requires appropriate know-how, optimal tools and above all a view of the overall picture. Because there is no room for partial solutions in this highly complex and at the same time highly competitive environ- ment. For this reason, some 1,300 experts are

working at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology today to develop solutions for the challenges posed by digitization and industry 4.0. Thanks to AIT‘s research activities, Austria and its partners in the European innovation system are to be empowered to be successful, to operate in a future-oriented man- ner, and to compete even better on the global stage. Because in the final analysis, the great opportunity for Europe is to be more creative, innovative and faster than other regions of the world – and to thus also remain successful in a sustainable manner. The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology provides a valuable and urgently needed input for this.

DKFM. DR. HANNES ANDROSCH, Chairman of the Supervisory Board



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