Wolfgang Hribernik, new Head of AIT Center for En- ergy, and AIT scientists from the Electric Energy Systems unit in the SmartEST lab, from left to right: Antony Zegers, Jo- hanna Spreitzhofer, Hel- fried Brunner, Friederich Kupzog, Wolfgang Hribernik, Johannes Kathan, Ksenia Poplavskaya and Tara Es- terl. Friederich Kupzog (fourth from left) is as- suming the position of Head of Competence Unit Electric Energy Systems, succeeding Wolfgang Hribernik.

At AIT’s Center for Energy, more than 220 employees are researching the future of sustainable energy pro-duction and supply, led by Wolfgang Hribernik. Many years of experience, scientific excellence and high-quality laboratory infrastructure, as well as global networking, combine to offer companies innovative and applied research services and to create distinct competitive advantages.