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Success stories with pagestrip
We always enjoy looking back on exciting projects. That’s why we would like to give you some insights into whom we’ve already worked with and still do, which criteria mattered, and how we addressed them.

The refugee dossier of

One year after tragedy on the A4 near Parndorf in Austria publishes a dossier dedicated to the refugee crisis in Europe. They comment on last year’s unforgettable events, the tense situation in Europe and ambitious initiatives to alleviate it. Refugees, as well as Austrians are interviewed about difficulties and the glimmers of hope on how to address them.

pagestrip and kurier: the implementation

The project with was one we completed in the quickest way we could ever think of. When we first talked with about possibly working together, we realized quite soon that starting with a refugee dossier would be the best choice. Right from the start we were able to provide kurier with the technical setup they wished for.

Regarding the integration it was important that the dossier exists as an individual section on the website - without having the need to implement an extra category in their menu bar. Since the dossier is sometimes showcased on the front page, our embedding - feature was the right way to go.

In less than two weeks we managed to finish this project with all articles online. For the dossier we created a collection, which we integrated with our embedding code on their landing page. was then free to style the linking banner for the preview on their own. With just a click on the banner, readers can dive into the dossier - without being led to an external website. Our domain mapping feature made it to possible to use the URL In doing so, kurier's readers never feel like they left the website.


Serviceplan: The Twelve Magazine

As a world-wide agency group spread across more than 30 locations, Serviceplan has become an important strategic partner for pagestrip, with whom we are closely collaborating. Each year, Serviceplan publishes a high-quality print magazine titled "Twelve", in which prominent opinion leaders and celebrities write about current trends in the media and advertising industries. pagestrip was an obvious choice to give „Twelve“ the digital stage it deserves.

pagestrip and Twelve: the implementation

A high-quality print magazine necessitates a high-quality digital implementation: Thus, designers and layouters of both Serviceplan and pagestrip work closely together to create a reading experience that fascinates. In 2015, the full package of "Twelve" has been honored with the prestigiuous Red Dot Award.

The magazine is translated into an experience typical for the web – Not pagination, but scrolling becomes the central metaphor. With tasteful animations, the magazine comes to live life. Especially the story headers have been animated in a calm, elegant dramaturgy. Embedded video and slideshows complete the multi-media experience, but also offer additional value in comparison the print edition.

The ways of distribution are also highly innovative: Apart from being offered as a website, the digital "Twelve" magazine is also included as separate content in Serviceplan's Sales Cockpit app – All without any additional effort!

Raiffeisen Club

CNMAG. Raiffeisen’s Club News

Raiffeisen’s Club News, for short: CNMAG, covers news around events, festivals, movies, sports and lifestyle. Teenagers and young adults that have an account at Raiffeisen Bank receive the CNMAG by mail 6 times a year. It’s also available in numerous bank branches for browsing.

pagestrip and CNMAG: the implementation

Being up to date is high priority for Raiffeisen Bank. Thus, the CNMAG has been available online since 2015. Especially during the big soccer summer (European Championships), the CNMAG was able to profit from the digital version: Every match immediately had its very own story online.

Raiffeisen Club is clearly addressing the younger generation. This is why it has been even more important to guarantee a visual appearance that is convincing and create a reader experience that is enjoyable on every mobile device. The print-design is striking and pagestrip makes it possible to give the digital edition the same look and feel. Even the technical criteria were fulfilled without any difficulties. No matter on which smartphone or tablet: every story is automatically responsive.

In the beginning, Raiffeisen Club used to publish the CNMAG in full editions. Meanwhile, they’ve changed their strategy to publish individual stories on a regular basis. That’s the only way to keep their readers up to date on every channel: They share stories made with pagestrip on Facebook and in WhatsApp groups. The CNMAG is a wonderful example for the numerous possibilities of digital publishing, design and marketing.


voestalpine: Employee magazine and Welcome brochure

voestalpine maintains a wide-ranging repertoire of corporate publishing products. A core piece is the employee magazine, which informs more than 48.000 employees in 50 different countries about news and changes within the company. Likewise in its importance is the welcome brochure for new employees, which gives a great overview of voestalpine’s company structure and philosophy.

pagestrip and voestalpine: the implementation

To inform more than 48.000 employees with news is not an easy undertaking - especially when it comes to reaching people in 50 different countries. In this case pagestrip is the perfect digital solution to give international employees insights before the print magazine has even been delivered.

The alice interactive GmbH serves voestalpine not only as a software provider with its product pagestrip, but also with the service of producing layouts from the InDesign Files. As soon as the print content gets greenlit, the digital issue is already available within one week. Employees get access to the magazine via a password-protected kiosk or various embeddings on the Intranet.

For a large corporation, self-hosting the data can be very important. voestalpine cannot use the infrastructure, so they receive the magazine directly as a static and completely autonomous website. It only needs to be uploaded to a simple webserver. This way, voestalpine preserves its data sovereignty - even that is possible with pagestrip! The publicly accessible welcome brochure is however hosted on In this case, voestalpine profits from our embedding functionality: The very first content that employees see when looking at their intranet-feed are the welcome-pagestrips.

Belvedere & 21er Haus

Belvedere and 21er Haus magazine:
Background information and interesting facts about their museums

If you are familiar with Belvedere and 21er Haus’s magazine, you know of its interesting approach in the print edition: You can start reading it from the beginning or the end. One half covers news about Belvedere, and if you flip it around, you find the 21er Haus magazine. Readers can expect information about exhibition concepts and are able to dive into the world and thoughts of the artists.

pagestrip and Belvedere, 21er Haus: the implementation

They already existed in print, but were not yet available online. This fact made us flexible in how we should proceed, which is why we decided to use domain - mapping to give the magazine its very own stage at the URL Regarding the structure, one can find great similarities to the print edition. The magazine is published twice a year (spring and autumn) - Which is why we created a collection for each edition. Within these collections, content can be added or modified even after the initial publication, providing a perfect user experience when it comes to unexpected news or changes in the exhibition duration.

With its brief, concise articles, the magazine has become quite popular among visitors and within the art lovers scene. Meanwhile, it has been embedded on their website, and individual articles are regularly shared on Facebook.

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