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We assure that you remain as high quality on the web as you do in print
Publishing houses already have lots of print publications and regularly find themselves facing the question of how to present and market them in the best way possible. With pagestrip they profit tremendously by using our IDML - Import. In fact it’s a huge time saver for them: The same graphic designer that works for print, can work for online too. By separating magazines in individual articles they are able to reach their customers continuously, no matter where they are.
These days the speed of modern life and media overload make it hard for every business to attract attention. It’s the same in the Corporate Publishing world. Now that Content Marketing is a Must-Have, visually appealing content has become more and more important. In fact it has almost become as important as doing Content Marketing. With pagestrip you find a tool that does not restrict you in your design possibilities and supports you with getting attention on the web.

The pagestrip editor for Mac

pagestrip editor

1. Create

Our Mac editor lets you design stories the way you want. Never feel limited by tech skills again! Import your texts and images via Drag & Drop and get started layouting. If you do recurrent productions, you can create your own templates to speed up the job. Slideshows, videos, shapes, and animations are great ways to give your story the final touch.

2. Publish

Once your story is finished, upload it with a single click. With our flexible publishing options, you can use your own profile, your own domain, or even extend your existing CMS with our embedding feature.

3. Share

You can effortlessly share any story on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks. Every story or collection has its own link.

pagestrip Features for Design & Marketing

Your publication exists as InDesign already? The moment you import the content from your InDesign file to the editor you can immediately work with it - Original text formats stay the same! If you wish you can tag your templates for the import and continue layouting, or you publish straight away!

Design Freedom & CI - Maintenance
In our editor, you can work as you are used to from InDesign, Apple Pages or Powerpoint. Define baseline grids for text, define grids for columns and margins. Your Corporate Identity is maintained without any effort.

Videos, Slideshows, Animations
In order to ensoul your content, you can simply add videos or slideshows. Animations give your text the final touch it needs. With our widget box you can implement iframes and scripts of every kind - the possibilities to individualize your content are endless.

In case of recurring productions you can create templates right from the beginning. By doing so you increase your efficiency: You just copy & paste the new content into the templates, or tag your templates and fill them automatically with the IDML-Importer.

Visibilities: Private, Unlisted, Public
Not every content is meant to be seen by everyone. Therefore, you can choose between three visibility modes: Private, if you want to be the only one who can view the story. Unlisted, if you want to show the story only to selected people - Perfect for internal discussions or approvals. Or you go for public, if you want the whole web to access your story.

Sharing stories on social media
Choose selected stories from your magazine and use them for your your Social Media Marketing. You can either send the link, embed it or share it on Facebook, Twitter and even in your newsletter. Keeping your community up to date has never been easier.

pagestrip features for the technical department

All Inclusive Authoring & Hosting
No matter how many users work with pagestrip, how many stories they publish or how many page views you get: Our pricing is absolutely fixed and does not trick you with hidden costs.

Real HTML5 Publishing
Every pagestrip publication is a real HTLM5-package: Our software is based on open standards, which means that your data are truly yours, and you are not locked into a proprietary system. Search engines love that.

SEO-Optimized for Google Indexing
As a real HTML5 publication, your stories get indexed very well. We pre-render your content on the server-side, which means that Google sees exactly the same content a user would – A unique feature among highly interactive website builders. A PDF-solution will never be ranked as highly.

Google Analytics Tracking
The great thing about working with Online Content is the measurability. Integrate your Google Analytics property or Tag Manager and track your performance as you would do with any other website.

Automatically Responsive
pagestrip automatically creates a responsive version that works in every browser and is optimized for mobile devices. Switch to ‚Flow View‘ while layouting and see for yourself what your story would look like on mobile devices. Even here, you can still customize the positions of texts and pictures.

Embedding & Domain Mapping
You already have a website? With our Embed-Code you can easily integrate your pagestrip stories at any place you want. For your readers, it feels as if they would be on just another part of your own website. Or you use your own domain name right from the start.

Password - Protected Log In
Your content is meant for internal purposes only? On request, we offer a Login feature via a password-protected section: Anyone with an email address at your domain can register themselves!

Automatic format conversion
Use any picture format and any font for your publication: pagestrip seamlessly converts your data automatically into web optimized formats at the ideal sizes and settings.

The wishes of our customers are important to us: On request we develop features additionally.

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